Trained at the Rolf Institute, and The New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Jennifer has been a practicing certified massage therapist since 1992. Through the implementation of deep tissue and therapeutic massage and physical manipulation techniques that she has studied and mastered, she is more passionate about her work today. Jennifer has witnessed the need for this ancient healing modality in a society that is more hyper-connected and plugged-in, than in generations past. A modality that is beyond a technician, or mere relaxation, and not just a pat on the back. 


She has had the unique opportunities of providing her structural body work and manipulation to a variation of clients, and settings. From private practice, to healing centers, sports clubs, medical clinics, chiropractors, physicians, surgeons, acupuncturists, naturopaths, athletes, performers and animals. Drawing from these 25 years of experience, has enabled her to better serve the clients today, who benefit from Jennifers mastery, and thorough application. Read more about the benefits of deep tissue massage and therapuetic body work on Jennifer's blog, Bodhi On Body Language.


Schedule your Bodhi Body Work with Jennifer, and you will not be going back to a spa-type massage again.